Slobodan Danko Selinkic

May 30, 2016 davejansen

Slobodan Danko Selinkic

Slobodan Danko Selinkic

from Rome (Roma), LZ-Rome in Italy

  • Largo Vassalletto 6 Rome 00196 Italy / Bul. Avnoja 110 Novi Beograd 11000 Serbia and Montenegro
  • (+390)-6321-0248
  • (+390)-6321-0248


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Slobodan Danko Selinkic is a strogn believer in the importance of the written word in architecture. He strives to accompany and define his porjects, which are created primarily through sketch, with words. He has written significant architectural critiques and engaged in didactic work, including Architecture on the Soil of Yugoslavia From 1918-1990 and The Specificity of Italian Architecture Viis-à-vis. European Modern Architecture. He defines "small as beautiful" using Montenegro as an example, to remind us that the megalomania of present-day architecture is no the only path to follow, especially for the smaller and poorer countries of the world. Ongoing projects include a small business and residential building in Serbia, The Influence of the Post-Modern on Architecture in Serbia, and Stone in the Architecture of Mrs. Svetlana Kana Radevic.

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