Maartje Lammers

July 15, 2015 patrickjames

Maartje Lammers

Architect Maartje Lammers

from Rotterdam, South Holland (Zuid-Holland) in Netherlands

  • Hoflaan 132, 3062 JM, / Postbus 13206, 3004 HE Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • +31 104 111 000
  • +31 102 827 287


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Rotterdam, South Holland, Netherlands

Description, Philosophy, History

Architect Maartje Lammers is a Dutch Architect. Studying in Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands, her architecture can be identified by an organic use of materials, using wood in curvilinear forms.On January 1. 2001. Boris and Maartje founded 24H architecture in Rotterdam. Its goal was. and is. to make evolutionary architecture of extreme quality and sensitivity.y As such, their designs adapt themselves to the ever-changing parameters of 21st century society white still reflecting a layer of softness and sensitivity.Under 24H Architecture, her notable projects include the Ichthus Hogeschool in Rotterdam, the Poppodium Mez/ m Breda, the urban development of Oosterdoks Eiland in Amsterdam, the Crawford Municipal Art Gallery in Cork and the Nationale Nederianden Head Office (ING) in Budapest.
24H goal is to find the hidden layers of each commission. Next to program and site, these undiscovered layers make the answer to each design. By working with various themes guiding the design process, a broad spectrum of non-architectural solutions is found.Evolution: adaptable structures in time providing multi-program use in a single spaceNatrufied: abstract interpretations of nature petrified into building materialsorganism growing additions transform existing buildings into new compositions Art d’eco: supporting environment as well as beauty makes the art of ecologySensibility: to arouse the senses, a building should age beautifully by usingMaterials: with a natural ability to transform during its lifetime.
Architect Maartje Lammers was born in 1963 in the Netherlands. She graduated from TU Delft (Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands) in 1988 and started her own office together with partner Architect Boris Zeisser. Together they built 24H Architecture.Before starting 24H Architecture, Maartje Lammers worked for famous offices like Metropolitan Architecture by Rem Koolhaas, Mecanoo, and Enck van Egeraat (EEA) Associated Architects.


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1982 1988 Technical University Delft. Faculty of Architecture1988-1990 (OMA) Office for Metropolitan Architecture. Rotterdam1990-1995 Mecanoo Architected Delft1996-2000 (EEA) Enck van Egeraat Associated Architects. Rotterdam2001-present 24H Architecture. Rotterdam Teaching/Lectures1994 Centre de Cuttura Contemporana. Barcelona1995-2006 Technical University. Delft1997-2006 Academie voor Bouwkunst. Rotterdam 1999 University of Strasbourg Committees1995-2002 Member of the committee of Weistand & Monumenten. Rotterdam2000 Jury member. 'Bouwkwaiiteitsprijs', Rotterdam 2002 Jury member. Bouwkwaiiteitsprijs', Rotterdam2002-2006 Chairman. Committee of "Weistand and Monumenten' Haarlemmermeer